$150 per year

  • You must be a wedding planner in the greater Houston area and the owner of or employed by a wedding planning firm that maintains all of the following:

    • DBA and/or Tax ID

    • Business phone number AND email address

    • Functioning business website

    • You must be actively accepting clients for events as a source of income;

  • You may not own or be employed by any other wedding related service company doing business in the greater Houston market;

  • You will agree to abide by and sign the AWP Code of Ethics provided to you upon receipt/approval of your application;

  • You must submit:

    • 1 reference letter from a current AWP member recommending you for membership (for a current list of members, see our Directory page);

    • 1 reference letter from a past client whose wedding you completed within the last year;

    • Proof of your company's general liability insurance with $1 million+ coverage;

    • 3 different non-planner industry vendor character reference contacts


    PRIMARY MEMBER                            ADDITIONAL MEMBERS

$150 per year           $125 per year

If you would like to add planners from your company under your primary membership, you may do so with the following requirements:

  • There must always be a Primary member from the company holding a regular membership

  • Each additional member must submit their own application including the secondary documents and reference contacts. The only exception is that the Primary member may supply the reference letter replacing the past client letter. All other requirements remain.

  • The primary member may supply the company proof of insurance.

  • Additional memberships may only be transferred once per calendar year